Have you guys noticed that cactus silk (sabra) is popping up everywhere?? For good reason too! Don’t be fooled by its name, while cactus silk does originate from the fiber of Saharan aloe vera cactus plants, this Moroccan textile is on the softer side, thus the “silk” in its name.

Cactus silk is made by crushing the leaves and separating out the fibers. Once the fibers are washing and dried, they are ready to be spun into thread and dyed. Because sabra silk products are traditionally kept as natural as possible, makers tend to use only natural vegetables dyes when adding color.

If you’re not in love already, this luxurious fabric is vegan and completely eco-friendly! The way it is harvested from natural materials and hand-loomed makes it very environmentally friendly. If you’re interested in this unique textile, take a look at our  collection of sabra silk pillows.


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