Moroccan Lamps and Lighting

There’s no denying it: Morocco is an inspiring, magical place. While the rich history and wonderful people are no doubt a big part of the draw, I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the beautiful design and decor. Demure is not the correct word to describe Morocco or its design. The gorgeous, intricate visuals are part of what draws the eye and make it linger.

After spending time in the country, I often hear people say they want to incorporate some Moroccan design inspiration into their home. While we can’t all style our spaces with heavy hand-forged brass chandeliers, I’m happy to say that Moroccan lamps, pendants, and chandeliers are readily available as people are continually drawn to the style.

Here are some of my favorite Moroccan lamps and lighting to help infuse your home with a timeless style.

Moroccan Lamps

You’ll be happy to know that investing in gorgeous Moroccan lamps does not mean you have to travel all the way here—although that would be fun, too. If you want to start adding a Moroccan vibe to your home, lamps are the perfect place to start. They are already a softer accent than the glaring overhead lights, and since they are easy to move, you can switch your collection around later on from room to room.

Moroccan Floor Lamps


Moroccan Floor Lamp with Decorative Globes. If you are looking for a conversation piece, this is the one. This stunning lamp features nine different globes suspended from the top in a circular pattern. This piece is extra fun because you can choose between 54 different styles and colors of globes to create a one-of-a-kind statement floor lamp that is sure to match your decor.

Floor Lamp. This sturdy iron floor lamp adds visual interest in a subtle, yet dramatic way. Not only does it add a unique visual touch but has two bulbs inside to make sure it gives off enough light and a 10-foot cord so you can arrange it as needed.

Moroccan Table Lamps


Moroccan Table Lamp with Swan Neck Detail. I love the shape of this lamp. Its swan neck shape and star detailing makes this look like a floating suspended lantern. Switch it on and enjoy the patterns the lamp shines onto your walls.



. This is the perfect example of how you can infuse a Moroccan table lamp seamlessly into any style. The deep blue ceramic makes a beautiful backdrop for the cream-colored pattern.


Marrakech Mosaic Table Lamp. This small lamp would be ideal to put on a bedside table or a sofa table. Switch it on when you need a bit of ambiance and soft light, and enjoy the blue light patterns created by the mosaic glass.


Moroccan Pendant Lights

This light fixture is stunning. It has those strong Morrocan vibes thanks to the pattern in the metal, but in one solid natural bronze color, it’s a sophisticated take.


Plug-in Moroccan Pendant Light. This pendant light comes in eight different colors ranging from neutral to bright. This is a great option for those who are renting since it gives you a pendant look without doing any hardwiring.



. If you want Moroccan pendant lights that feel a bit more laid-back and livable, this light is a good option. It has the dramatic almond-style shape, but rather than being formed in metal, the rattan wicker makes the light a more casual take.



Mini Pierced Pendant. This black metal pendant looks perfectly normal and neutral while off, but flick it on and you’ll be amazed by how beautiful the patterns cast on the wall are in pretty gold light.

Moroccan Chandeliers



YOBO Lighting Star. This chandelier is a popular style that you’ll see all over the souks of Morocco. However, because it is a difficult shape to transport most people choose not to bring them home. Now, you can have one delivered to you!



Light Pendant with Golden Bronze Finish. This simple pendant light is a great choice to add a Moroccan feel to your kitchen or bedroom. The diameter is 18″ while the extension rod from the ceiling can extend to 42″.



Mini Globe Hanging Pendant Lighting. If you’re looking for something a bit more catchy than this might be the right light. You can also customize your globe by following the instructions on the purchase listing.

How to Add Moroccan Lighting on a Budget

If you want to upgrade a current fixture, but don’t have the ability or desire to install brand new Moroccan light fixtures, you can still add a splash of Moroccan flair. Here are a few simple and beautiful ways to do so.

Hanging Solar Lantern. Ideal for decorating outdoors, this solar-powered lantern means you won’t need to worry about having a charge or an electric plug-in to operate.

There you have it—my favorite ways to get that authentic Moroccan lighting in any home. Trust me, a new light fixture can make an entire room look and feel different in the best way.

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