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About our store

Our online Bazaar knows how to mix contemporary lines with Moroccan influences, adapt traditional articles to modern decoration, and offer you a boutique full of authenticity and taste. We have all the trendy and artisanal objects to decorate your interior.
Many traders are exploited, such as tadelakt, stucco, wrought iron, cabinetmaking, also our tapestry is a space presenting a varied choice of art and craft with various objects: jewelry, pottery, wood, and accessories.
Our Moroccan poufs are made with cow leather, Berber carpet yoke, and lined inside.

Very good quality of leather and carpet. Beautiful work made in collaboration with beautiful craftsmanship from Marrakesh, a truly unique piece.

Our products can be used as storage for clothes or other home textiles.

The products are chosen with care from artisans through encounters and favorites across Morocco. Some items are designed and produced by expert hands, mainly in the Medina of Marrakesh or made directly by our talented craftsmen.

Our unique style is combining the Moroccan authenticity of the woolen threads used and a more European decorative style (colors and patterns).

In the beginning, we made similar creations as others but today we have adopted our own style. geometric star patterns nested in squares and diamonds are often used. Sometimes we prefer to use floral motifs which are more requested by our dear customers. Most of our embroidery work is tailor-made to create a 100% personalized item according to the wishes of our customers

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